My Quest To Make A Living Over The Pass 13 Years

It’s has been tremendously difficult for me to make a living over the pass 13 years to pay my bills and take care of my family. I tried so many different businesses but each time my computers, home phone and mobile phones are hacked and some how my work end up in the hands of other source who take it and make a tremendous amount of money off of it.

It’s my perspective that this is no accident and that it’s a strategic effort to insure that i don’t earn a living to pay off my credit cards, and fraudulent student loan claim that I allowed my $20K balance to go into default. An one year after the default the student loan escalated to $60K. I experienced the same situation with my business, I borrowed $150K and invested approximated $200K of my own funds, and SBA, Sovereign Bank and Town Officials immediately after the closing of the business loan said the property did not meet coding laws. Note that the Bank, Attorney and Town Officals all signed off on Zone Codes and said everything was up to standard.

The most off factor of this situation, is a similar business like mine occupied the location for 15 years with no issues what so ever! Regardless, I most keep trying!

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