The Quest To Earn A Living Part 4

As I embark on another quest in 13 years to earn a living, conditions have become even more dangerous. I published an Album Under The Stars YOVANA on August 21, 2017 and was issued a contract. However, the hacking conditions into my cellphones, computers, home phone, business phone and internet has become devastating. It’s my perspective that this systematic efforts across all my business efforts in trying to earn a living to support myself and family is a calculated effort to Bankrupt me and destroy my creditability. The odds of such occurrences taking place time and time again over the pass 10 years straight with out any interruptions in about 6 different industries is actually impossible. Therefore, these repeated offenses have be staged by highly sophisticated individuals and corporations that are utilized and maximizing their profits at my expenses with the theft of my intellectual properties and educational skills.

Someone said why i don’t just stop what I am doing, I say, who is going to pay off my student loan that was charged off an error of $20K and within one year went to $60. Who is going to pay the SBA for their charge of fraudulent loan on my business, which I am currently paying and still receiving monthly bank invoices from Santander Bank as to them still holding the loan. Who, is going to keep explain to their children, that their highly educated Mom can earn a living in an shape possible on the Face of This Earth.

The question, is how do you tell your child that ask you for $1 to go to the dollar store that you don’t have a dollar and that you have to beg and hide to try and make some money to put gas in your car, meanwhile everyone around you is exploiting your work and passing it off as theirs. Then those same individual look at you as if you were the scum of the earth. How is that possible, I am not stealing their work, because they have no work that anyone wants, therefore how can they look and talk to me as if i was a lesser class than them.

That is rather odd and perplexing, because when you live in a society that individual don’t have to work a hard day for anything they have or get, then you know that this earth has gone to Hell. Regardless of the Earth going to hell, I will maintain my work and have no future or current aspiration of turning it over to anyone. Society, simply most stop taking the easy way out and alway walking around with an open hand, our teachers most do a better job at educating students and not be so concern about their social economic standards as to the homes they live in and cars they drive. I simply believe that teachers today, enter the profession of teaching simply for the money and Summers off. Having the Summers off is no reason to enter the educational field, you simply most have the passion to want to pass on knowledge and skills.

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