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Keep The Bitch and Picks Away

Keep the Bitch and Pick Away or else I will give them to the Underground! Build Your Own Lifes!

They are all waiting for you fucking piece of shit!

She’s A Piece Of Shit

How would a group of people sacrifice me for a piece of shit like her, and a reject like Him and his kind is simply nuts!

neither of them and their group bring anything to the table and the world placed them on high grounds. The World is fucking nuts because the are all uselessness piece of this!!

Simpy the World Ugliest Fucking Crap! Fuck All Of You and May The Fucking Earth Opening UP On You!

Can Someone Please Help

They have done everything in their power to destroy me over the pass 11 years and it simply has gotten worse! Can someone with more power then them help, because it does not appear that they will ever leave me and my family alone!

They have done some truly sick things to me! I mean really sick!

I Thought USA was A Capitalist Market

Unfortunately Capitalism only exist for a few wealth people and those unskilled workers who hack into one bank accounts, credit and businesses and pass off other hard working peoples work as their own! The New Wave Of Democracy is to Lie and Steal and pretend you have ownership of ones intellectual property, when you can’t even shit in a toilet or pee straight!

All content and work are the original Ownership of AGME Communications Media Network Corporation! Unfortunately we aren’t granted the same rights as everyone else, be small, large businesses or corporations on the plant.

Bottoms UP to Whatever they Call This Form Of Bull Shit! I Don’t Work For Free! I can’t even work in quite place without all the BS. So This is What Liberty Looks Like, Skilled people placed in a Cage so that all those who have little to no skills can profit off of them!!

What DO THEY CALL THIS 400 to 500 years ago!!

Hello world!

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